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Mobile Plans

Are you sick of receiving your phone bill every month only to find New Hidden Charges, Excess Call Costs or they've increased the price again without telling you?

Our customers are empowered with the flexibility of multiple services on one account. Connect to our network today and leverage enormous benefits from our diverse range of services and equipment.

These no contract SIMS are a great way to add value to existing customers and can be used anywhere a data or voice sim is needed. Speed limited to 100mbit/100mbit. Minimum term: 1 month. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

ETS Mobile Plans are targeted specifically from small to medium businesses to individuals or families and are designed to function with a broad range of customers handsets and equipment. Powered by the Telstra Wholesale network we cover more than 98.8% of the population of Australia, however some remote regions are excluded. See the Telstra Wholesale Coverage Map here.

Plan prices below are inc. GST, per month. Prices subject to change, please check the price before activation.

Mobile Broadband Plans (MBB)

Mobile Voice & Data Plans (VDP)

Pooled Data & Voice Plans

* International roaming is activated upon request, additional fee's & charges apply.

** Please read the relevant Critical Information Summary to make sure this product suits your needs and financial capabilities

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