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Credit & Refunds Policy

RT Comms Pty Ltd (ACN 604 815 634) trading as Encore Technology Solutions (“ETS”) have adopted the following Credits and Refunds Policy (“the Refund Policy”) to ensure we handle all credit balances and refunds in a timely, appropriate and consistent manner.

This policy aims to explain the difference between a “credit” and a “refund” in relation to your account, and to set out the circumstances under which, and the process by which, you may claim a credit or a refund.


A credit is an amount added to your account by ETS. A credit may be added to your account to correct billing errors by ETS or over-payments by customers.

A credit is not returned to your nominated bank account or credit card; it stays on your ETS account until it is used to balance charges on your next invoice.

If you believe you have found an error in your bill, please contact us on 1300 120 449 or by email at to discuss the matter.


A refund is an amount of credit on your ETS account that is returned to your nominated bank account or credit card.

Pre-Paid Services

If you have a pre-paid account with ETS, your account balance will not be debited below $0.00.

A pre-paid balance can be refunded upon request, in ETS’s discretion (acting reasonably).

Plan Purchases

Plan Purchases are non-refundable, as all services associated with a particular plan are activated at the time of purchase and are therefore supplied at the point in time at which the purchase is made.

Closed Accounts

When an ETS service is cancelled, any amount paid in advance is credited back to your account. If your final invoice has been paid in full, you may request to be refunded the credit balance on your account.

The customer may cancel their service at any time by calling Customer Support on 1300 120 449.

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